The Third Estate was spawned in a moment of intoxication back in 2003 in the small town of Albury, New South Wales…

Josh, former bassist of the band Over-surge was staggering along Dean Street when he bumped into another local boy Dan. He asked if Dan would like to join a band and that was the beginning of The Third Estate.

Bringing Dan on board signaled a fresh start for the all the band mates, Josh, Simon and Brendan. Together they wanted to create music that was energizing and constantly pushing the boundaries of their talents. With Josh on lead guitar, Dan on bass, Simon on drums and Brendan for vocals and guitar, they began making music in Josh’s small, cramped bedroom.

Combining the musical influences of the four band members has got the group to where they are today. Josh’s background in metal and hardcore, Simon’s punk foundations, Dan’s
interest in anything heavy and energised and Brendan’s wide love of all rock is the recipe of their success.

The band wanted to create music that was dynamic, heavy, intense and energetic. The vocals blend violent screams with croons and melodies, while the lyrics have a purpose to enlighten, evoke and affect.

The band are strong, aggressive and intense in their live shows and each time prove the passion that they have for music. They set the stage on fire!

The Third Estates tour history includes playing alongside bands such as; The Butterfly Effect, Notion, Something with Numbers, Spiderbait, One Dollar Short, Karnivool and Thirsty Merc.

In 2004 they performed in the Push Battle of the bands regional finals in Wodonga and they won. After this success they went on to win the district finals, giving them the chance to play at Push Over at Luna Park in March 2005. This time-sharing the limelight with Gyroscope, After the Fall and The Living End, surely an experience they will not forget. With many other commitments such as work and university the boys didn’t always have the time that they wanted to spend on the band. However, they managed to continue and in 2005 the band was mainly based out of Albury.

Many of the gigs they played were at the Soden’s Hotel. A well renowned original music venue on the border. Here they were supported by several of the bands mentioned above and also headlined their own shows with other local bands from the Albury, Wodonga area.

In the meantime they have continued writing and gigging as much as possible and are still just as passionate about rock as ever.

Now they are releasing their newest album, which is a set of four conceptual, called “The Chronicles of the Four Horsemen”. The album has four chapters, Conquest, War, Pestilence and Famine and Death. Each of the discs has four songs and a music video. It is set to be distributed digitally on Blupie music.

The band will tour nationally, to promote the CD set, so lookout for their tour dates in your town…

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